In the desert, a lonely soldier stumbles upon a listless dog. They trade glances. The soldier speaks a few sympathetic words and offers the pathetic pup a pat on the back. The dog whimpers. And in this seemingly mundane exchange, both of their lives are forever changed. In the four-legged creature, the soldier finds companionship, hope and a sense of normalcy that’s been missing in his life since he found his way to Afghanistan. In the soldier, the dog finds safety, comfort and an affection he’s never known. Over the days and months ahead, man and his beloved new best friend form an unbreakable bond made only stronger by the stresses of war, chaos, destruction and discord. And then, it’s time for the soldier to return home - without his battle buddy.

No Dog Gets Left Behind provides financial support to reunite military personnel with the stray animals they found and bonded with while at war - a $4,500-per-pet expenditure that includes vaccines, medical treatment, transportation and more. While the financial investment is high, the relief, comfort and joy this program provides soldiers is immeasurable. To date we have brought home over 40 dogs to be reunited with his/her soldier.

How to help? You can support No Dog Gets Left Behind by making a donation or purchasing No Dog Gets Left Behind merchandise - a simple, affordable yet profoundly impactful gesture. If you are interested in volunteering or fundraising, please contact us. Can we count on your help today?

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VFW Post 892 4th Annual Golf Outing benefiting No Dog Gets Left Behind - June 7, 2017 
Pittsburg, PA.








Rifle was born into a treacherous situation for a puppy, Kunduz province Afghanistan is not the most ideal place to grow up for anyone. Luckily, he was born under my shipping container/home... where our team took to him and his brothers and sisters. We have really taken a liking to each other, to the point I'd like to have him sent back to Indiana to be a permanent part in my family's life... To do this however is unbelievably expensive, legal loop holes, vaccines, international quarantines, shipping, room and board all comes out to around $4,500.... that being said, it is my mission to get this little guy home, and like any good soldier I intend to complete this mission successfully! 



Working around the world with the military it’s not uncommon to find yourself in less than hospitable locations, and it can be hard to find a friendly face.  The exception being the numerous stray dogs that are always around and quickly become friends, pets and mascots of the base.  These dogs are so grateful and happy to be treated well and fed they immediately become loyal companions and you can’t help but want to save them all.  Monkey is no exception. I first encountered Monkey walking between camps outside a village in Africa, I heard a low playful growl and turned to see a skinny one-eyed dog looking back at me.  Her looks were intimidating at first, but then she jumped up and ran/hopped over to me and rolled over at my feet, I immediately fell for her.  When I heard the rest of her story, how she lost her eye defending her puppies from a monkey I knew she had great character, and couldn’t help feel for her after all of her puppies disappeared.    Monkey is a great dog and has earned a life of playing, sleeping and steady meals.  Please help me bring her home.